MATAROX has a cooperation with a Portuguese producer of Gum Rosin, and represents this producer in parts of Europe in the rubber and adhesives industries.

Gum Rosin produced in Europe offers advantages such as shorter lead-times, Euro pricing stability and good quality as well as guaranteed REACH compliance.

Gum Rosin can be used in a number of applications, such as adhesives, rubber compounds, paints and varnishes, printing inks etc.  Our rosin is a product of superior quality and it is available in several delivery forms and packaging options, according to our clients’ needs.


C5 & C9 Hydrocarbon resins of Chinese origin with REACH registration are also available from European stock.


Styrene indene resin for use in the production of various rubber goods – including tyres and technical rubber articles, coatings, adhesives and waterproofing products.


Phenolic Novolak Resin powder for use as a binder resin for brake pads also forms part of our portfolio.


Please contact us for more details, including specifications, pricing information, etc.!