As a partner of ABABOL Products, MATAROX can supply Release Agents for applications such as:



ABABOL Products has developed high performance polymers for the integral treatment of moulds, ensuring no contaminating transfer, no build-up and a perfect release.

These products substitute hazardous products in industry for environmentally friendly products and improving their technical properties.

We invite you to test ABABOL products under your particular production conditions.  We offer no obligation samples for evaluation, technical support and custom formulations which meet critical applications requirements.

ABABOL Products offer solutions for:

  • the release of various products: epoxy composite; polyester, acrylic and phenolic; rubber and elastomers; polyethylene; polypropylene; polyurethane etc.
  • various processes: RTM; Rotomolding; Infusion; FRP; casting; injection, etc.
  • release from a wide variety of moulds: polyester; vinyl ester; metal; glass, etc.

ABABOL also offers high quality Cleaner and Sealer, which are recommended for preparing the mould surface.